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Church Newsletters

Exporting to PDF

To create a reasonably-sized PDF (about 2 MB) for the newsletter, do the following: 
  • Open the file in InDesign
  • Go to File->Adobe PDF Presets->[High Quality Print]
  • Choose a location to save the PDF
  • From the Export screen, click Export button
  • Click OK on any warnings
  • Once the PDF is created, it can be attached to an email

Old Information

The following documentation is from Dawnette Scott, our former church administrative assistant, in January 2008.  Some of it seems to be out of date now (October 2011)...leaving it just in case it's helpful:

  1. How to prep the newsletter to get a PDF for the church website:

    Assuming the next person uses the template I set up for the newsletter (I'll list below how to find that), they would create it in that template, then "Save As" to create a separate file. I have just been saving the newsletter files with the month & year (0108) as the title, because I save them in a file called "Newsletter" (I like to keep it simple!) and that way they save in numerical order and are easily organized. Once the document is in it's final print-worthy form, this is how to create the PDF in the manner in which you like it, Jeff:

    1. Under File, click "Package for GoLive" - a window pops up asking you to choose where to save this file - I usually choose desktop because it creates a folder with a number of files that I end up throwing all but one away.

    2. A window will pop up that reads "Package for GoLive" at the top. There's no need to adjust anything - just click "Package" in the lower right corner. This will create the file folder I mentioned above.

    3. Within the file folder, the ONLY file needed is the PDF. This is what can be dragged and dropped into an email for you, Jeff. I also end up adding that PDF to the file I create for that newsletter.
  2. How to find the newsletters already created (on Samuel):
    • Finder: Documents: Newsletters:
    • Within "Newsletters" I have 4 folders:
      1. 2007 (contains all newsletter folders/files I created in 2007)
      2. 2008 (contains all newsletter folders/files I created in 2008)
      3. Templates (contains a template sample created by an outside group called E10 - something we took ideas from but do not use; also contains an InDesign file called NwsltrTmplt.indd which is what I use each month to launch from)

      4. Themes (contains Kawan's file on month-by-month newsletter themes; also contains a file called PJChart - something I made for pastor Joel wherein I track what we actually did in the newsletter so that he can easily look back on where we've been as he assesses where he wants to go next.