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Creating Worship Service CDs

The following directions were from Matt Beckett, March 2008:

After the main .wav file has been edited (see Worship Service Recordings), do the following steps:

  1. Within Goldwave
    1. Go to "Tool > Cue Points..."

    2. Click "Auto Cue"
    3. Select "Spacing" at top, set starting at time: "0.00", set intervals: "5:00.00", select "Time based", then click OK.
    4. Click "Split file..."
    5. Destination folder should be "\\Ezekiel\Recordings\shared itunes\itunes\FEFC\YYYYMMDD"
    6. Select "Use base filename and number", set base filename: "_##", set first number to "1", select "Prefix original filename", select "use file's current format and attributes", then click OK.
    7. Files are created.
  2. Log into Isaiah via Remote Desktop Connection (just use the computer name Isaiah, or you can use but it will be slower)

  3. Start Itunes.
    1. Go to "File > Add Folder to Library..."

    2. Select "\\Ezekiel\Recordings\shared itunes\itunes\FEFC\YYYYMMDD" selecting folder recently created and click OK.
    3. Go to "File > New Smart Playlist..."

    4. Select "Name", select "contains", type "FEFC_YYYYMMDD" with actual date, select "Live Updating", and click OK. This will automatically create the playlist to be burned.
    5. Right click playlist and select "Burn Playlist to Disc".
    6. CD is burned.
  4. Log Off.

Do not use other burning programs as they do format CDs properly for some reason.


(Only needed for initial setup)

Some settings required in Itunes are as follows:

  1. Go to "Edit > Preferences..."

  2. Click the "Advanced" tab.
  3. Under the "General" tab click "Change..." under iTunes Music folder location.
  4. Set to "\\Ezekiel\recordings\shared itunes\itunes"
  5. Under the "Burning" tab set Preferred Speed to "Maximum Possible", select "Audio CD", Set Gap Between Songs to "none", and click OK.

Additionally run this sequence to share a common Itunes library:

  1. Launch TweakUI by going to Start ... All Programs ... Powertoys for Windows XP
  2. Within TweakUI, double-click My Computer
  3. Select Special Folders (\\Ezekiel\recordings\shared itunes\itunes)
  4. Within the folders dropdown, select My Music
  5. Click Change Location You will receive a warning popup that you can click OK
  6. Within the Browse For Folder popup select the newly created Shared iTunes folder
  7. Click OK.
That should be relatively correct, but I'm sure I got something wrong. Regarding deleting files I'm fine with that, but maybe the week after.