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Goldwave Setup

Recording Settings

Goldwave has been giving us trouble lately (December 2011) when recording.  Here are the settings you need to make sure are correct:

From Goldwave, click the Control Properties button on the toolbar, or use the F11 key.  This opens up Control Properties.  Go to the Device Tab.  Make sure the settings look like this:

The key things are:

  • Record device: Realtek HD Audio Input
  • Mono Source: Right Channel (this is what was wrong on some users’ accounts)

On the volume tab, choose Realtek HD Audio Input as the volume device, and then you can set the master control volume.  Select Line Volume as the selected device, but note that the volume control here has no effect (this seems to have changed from the past, but I have not been able to figure out why this setting isn’t sticky anymore):

In the Realtek HD Audio Manger (click the little orange speaker icon in the toolbar), the following settings seem to be the only way to get the computer’s speakers to work…on the Audio I/O tab use the “8CH Speaker” setting. I’m not sure why…this also seems to be a regression:

Initial Setup

How to install & setup Goldwave

  1. Run install program from Y:\software\Goldwave\gwave519.exe

  2. Open LAME zip file at Y:\software\Goldwave\ and extract lame_enc.dll to c:\program files\Goldwave

  3. For each user who will use Goldwave, run the Y:\software\Goldwave\Goldwave_settings.reg registry file update.