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Lighting Instructions

Soundbooth Lighting Instructions


The presets on the digital lighting box are set up as follows:

  1. Everything on
  2. Sermon
  3. Normal Worship Team
  4. Choir
  5. Worship Team with Orchestra lighting up front Stage Right
  6. Choir and Worship Team with light up on front Stage Left
  7. Movie
  8. Open
  9. Orchestras with more lights in the back

The presets for the walk-through are as follows:

  1. 50% House/Stage
  2. Down lights only
  3. Worship Team
  4. Choir

To change a preset

  1. going into the “zones”
  2. changing them as needed.
  3. Returning to the preset screen,
  4. pressing “record” and
  5. pressing the preset button to save it.


  • The manual board works separately from the digital board.
  • The main fader controls all levels.
  • The cross-fader will fade between the programmed settings.
  • Instructions for programming
1. For the first setting set all your sliders to the level you want.
2. Hit the "store" button.
3. Tell it to store at "80". It doesn't really matter which number you use but for this we'll do 80 on on.
4. After you type in "80" hit store again.
5. Modify for the next lighting preset and hit "store" again.
6. Tell it to store at "81".
7. Do this for all the different presets.
8. After all the presets are created hit the "song" button.
9. Go the song "15". Again it really doesn't matter which song it is but go with 15.
10. Now you put the lighting presets in order. On the bottom line from left to right it shows the cues #, preset #, and next preset #.
11. Use the forward on back arrows to go between cue # and preset #. Enter them in the right order.
12. When your done hit the "store" button twice.
13. To go through the song hit the enter button for every scene change.