Network Printers

How to use and setup the network printer/copiers


We have two network printers:

Printer Location IP Address Windows Share
Printer 1 Main Office \\esther\printer1
Printer 2 Room 201 \\esther\printer2


To scan to a PDF file, go to the Scanning feature, then click the Scan button.  

Scans will go to the "\\esther\scans" shared folder.  On windows, this can be found at "Y:\scans".  

From a Mac, go to the Finder, then follow Go->Connect to Server, then choose "esther" then the "scans" shared folder.


Web access to the printers is available:

Administrative access to change the printers: 
  • password: (contact Kaitlin Graff or Jeff Olson)


Printer Setup

Scanner Setup

  • In the printer web interface, go to Address List->Add User. 
  • Name: Scan To Server
  • Key Display: Scan
  • Folder authentication:
    • user name: scan
    • password: <the password for the FEFC\scan user>
  • Folder path: \\esther\scans
  • Make sure that the \\esther\scans folder was set up with very permissive security so "scan" user can write to it

Email Setup

  • Use the following settings to allow sending scans via email
  • SMTP transfer:
    • server:
    • port: 26
    • user:
    • password: contact Jeff Olson
    • use SSL: no

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