Adding New Computer

Note: You must be a member of the DomainAdmins group to add a computer to the domain.

  1. Right click My Computer, Properties. Computer Name tab. Click "Change". Under Member Of, change to Domain FEFC. Enter Domain Admin password. Reboot when prompted.

  2. On Domain Controller (e.g. Esther), go to Active Directory. Go to FEFC Security Groups\Computer Admins folder. Create a new group for the computer (e.g., JeremiahAdmins.G). Add all the desired computer admins to this group. Users who need to install software, etc, should be admins (meaning almost everyone who uses a computer needs to be an admin).

    1. Also add the "ScheduledTask" user to the admin group (needed for backups to work correctly).

  3. Move Computer entry in Active Directory to the proper spot (under Workstations/Desktops or Laptops). If this isn't done there may be problems with My Documents folders being synced when it's actually a desktop, etc.
    1. If computer is a laptop, add it to the LaptopComputers.G group...this is used to make a user's "My Documents" folder be local, even if they're not part of the LocalMyDocuments group.

  4. Back on the new computer, go to Computer Management, Local Users & Groups, Groups. Add the group added in step 2 above to the local Administrators group.

  5. Add the computer to the Carbonite backup system.

  6. Install Windows Security Essentials.

  7. Install MS Office software.
  8. If static IP is needed, add static reservation on both DHCP servers (Esther & Job)

    1. This should automatically entries in WINS & DNS servers

  9. If external remote desktop access is needed, set that up on the internet router ('s virtual hosts section.

  10. Turn off simple file sharing in Folder Options


  • If there's a problem with IE Security settings and you can't lower the Internet Zone settings below High, use this .reg file: Y:\software\Scripts\fix_ie_security.reg

See Also

Group Policy Management tool - this is available on the domain controller computers (Esther/Job), and is where all the group policies are defined. Things like login scripts, permission mapping, etc. Available under Administrative Tools.